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Most Popular Animals That Start With The Letter P (With Picture)

Animals That Start With The Letter P – They might not be as preferred as their cousins, but these animals whose names begin with the letter P are just amazing in their very own right.

Aside from Pig, penguin, panda, pigeon, pelican, puma, panther, pug … the animal Kingdom uses as with various other incredible pets whose names begin with the letter P. Here is a checklist of what I consider, least-known letter P pets.


animals that start with the letter p

Puffins are stocky penguin-like seabirds populating the open sea, high cliffs as well as islands of the North Atlantic Ocean as well as North Pacific Ocean. All three extant species (Horned Puffin, Tufted Puffin, and also Atlantic Puffin) have large beaks, short-wings and short-tails, wide webbed feet, and also normally showing off black and also white tuft. These pelagic seabirds typical 30 centimeters long and evaluates 345– 488 g. Usually, men are bigger than women. Puffins are outstanding divers, feeding mostly on sand eels, fish larvae and also other marine invertebrates.


animals that start with p

A pademelon is a small marsupial located inhabiting thick woodlands of Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and components of New Guinea. The majority of the 7 known varieties has dark-brown upperparts and also red-brown underparts. It has a fairly short tail and also legs. Men, which are bigger compared to females average around 1– 1.2 m long, including the tail as well as could evaluate as much as 12 kg. This solitary and also nocturnal pet, preys on green grasses, environment-friendly shoots and herbs.


animals that begin with p

Found mainly in expanse locations, the Ptarmigan is a tiny chicken-like bird that lives year round in the Arctic. It has a stocky body, rounded white wings, feathery feet, and also short tails. This strange bird changes its plumage color thrice in a year. It sporting activities a brownish with dark red stripes plumage in summer, grayish color in loss as well as white during winter. Its diet includes: leaves, berries as well as sometimes various other little insects.

Proboscis Ape

9 letter animal starting with p

The proboscis ape or long-nosed monkey, is a reddish-brown monkey that is widespread on the island of Borneo, Malaysia. It is located living along shores, swamps as well as mangrove woodlands. An impressive function of this arboreal monkey is the man’s big, fleshy nose that can reach up to 7 inches long. Juveniles have blackish fur as well as blue confront with relatively normal nose. Grownups are generally reddish-brown in color and also with grayish limbs. Usually, men grow to about 72 cm in size and also evaluating approximately 24 kg. Proboscis monkey feeds primarily on fallen leaves, mangrove fires, fruits as well as seed. The IUCN provided this monkey as Endangered.


animals start with p

Peccary, commonly called Javelina, is a medium-sized animal appearing like a wild pig that is widespread in southwestern USA, South and Central America. Much like wild pigs, peccaries have big heads, little ears as well as tails, round nose, spear-like canine teeth and sporting activity dark coarse hair. Typically, they measure between 90 to 130 centimeters as well as could reach 20 to 40 kilograms in weight. Usually omnivores, their diet plan include lawn, fruits, roots and also seed.


The pika is any participant of the Ochotonidae, which is identified by its spherical ears, brief arm or legs. and also brief tail. This small animal native to cool environments is found in North America and main Asia. Identifiable by its piercing alarm system telephone call, pika is usually described as the “whistling hare”. Adult pikas action 15-25 centimeters in size as well as about 170-400 g in weight. This diurnal 9active at night) animal has huge ears and also sporting activities soft fur; gray-brown upperparts as well as white on the stubborn belly. A known herbivore, it feeds upon grasses, leaves, branches, natural herbs and also bark.

Pied Tamarin

The Pied tamarin (Saguinus bicolor) is a little, jeopardized monkey occupying exotic woodlands of Manaus, Brazil. This diurnal and also arboreal primate display black hairless face, a white upper body, brownish or tan hind legs as well as brown to black tail. Adults average 20.8– 28.3 centimeters in body size with regarding 33.5– 42.0 cm long tail and also consider between 400– 430 grams. as well as a black hairless face. Tamarins are omnivorous, they feed upon pests, crawlers, birds” eggs, various other tiny vertebrates, blossoms, fruits and also nectar.


A polecat is a singular pet belonging to the weasel family, found in Asia, Europe, and also particular parts of Africa. Its preferred habitat consists of, shores, farmlands and also timberlands. It has a long, slim body, rounded ears, brief muzzles, short tail, as well as delicate whiskers. It sporting activities a long, black hair with yellow spots on the face and also ears. Usually, a polecat measures 55 centimeters long with a 10 centimeters lengthy tail. Many polecats are nighttime as well as carnivores, feeding on fish, tiny birds, reptiles, eggs, and other small mammals.


The pudú is any of two varieties of little deer belonging to South America. Considered as the globe’s smallest deer, pudus action concerning 32 to 44 centimeters at shoulder high, concerning 85 centimeters long as well as consider up to 12 kilograms. They have little hooves, tiny shiners, dewclaws, rounded ears, black noses and also short tails. The long and coarse fur varies in color, from a dark brownish to reddish brown color. Pudus are singular and herbivore animals, feeding upon fallen leaves, vines, young sprouts, herbs, blossoms, buds and dropped fruits.


A pangolin, likewise called the “flaky anteater”, is a long-tailed creature populating cozy regions of Asia and also Africa. its favored environments consist of savannas as well as woodlands near water. This nighttime animal is distinct by its large, hard, plate-like scales, effective claws, as well as extended tongue. Pangolins vary in dimensions from 30 cm to 100 cm. Pangolins prey on ants, termites and other small pests.

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